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Cool Caps or Scalp Cooling

Waverley Private are very pleased to be able to offer our patients access to the latest Scalp Cooling equipment.

Cool caps or scalp cooling is useful for patients receiving chemotherapy to prevent the alopecia associated with some chemotherapy drugs.

What is it?

Scalp cooling is innovative technology which involves the use of a “cold cap” that is attached to a refrigeration machine that circulates a liquid coolant into the cap. In our cancer patients, some chemotherapies used are well known to cause significant alopecia (hair loss).

The cold cap is worn for a period of time prior to chemotherapy, duration of the chemotherapy infusion and for a designated time afterwards.

How it works?

Colder temperatures are thought to induce vasoconstriction to the hair follicles. This means less delivery of chemotherapy and thus less toxin exposure to replicating hair cells.

Reduced blood flow is also thought to make the hair follicles somewhat dormant making it less likely to allow chemotherapy to have any effect on it. The most common side effects have been headaches, neck and shoulder discomfort, chills, and scalp pain. These can be minimised by wearing warm clothing and using a warm blanket while using the cool cap.

Although it may not always prevent alopecia, it can significantly reduce the volume of hair lost, and this can improve their quality of life during their chemotherapy.

Please speak to your oncologist or our friendly nursing team to see if it may be suitable for you.

Cool Caps or Scalp Cooling