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Discharge From Hospital

Going home

We recommend that before admission you consider how you will manage at home after discharge. Will you require someone to stay with you after being discharged? How will you prepare food, do the housekeeping and shopping? Will you need any special aids?

Your doctor will tell you when he or she thinks you are well enough to go home. Your Nurse will talk to you about any special services or equipment you may need after you are discharged.

If you require assistance to organise a taxi please contact ward staff for details regarding these services.

Discharge time is at 10.00 am. It is recommended that you arrange a relative or friend to assist you in getting home, or alternatively a taxi will be called for you by Reception staff.

To assist with your departure, the following checklist is provided. Please ensure you have:

  • Collected all current medications.
  • Collected all personal X-Rays
  • Collected all personal belongings
  • Made any necessary follow-up appointments
  • Completed the patient feedback card/form