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During Your Stay

When You Arrive

Please report to main Reception.

Inpatient Accommodation

We offer a range of private and shared rooms, each equipped with private telephone, flat screen television, air conditioning and ensuite facilities. Every effort will be made to accommodate your preference of room. This may not always be possible on admission, however, we will ensure that your accommodation is appropriate for your clinical requirements, and we will transfer you to a room of your choice if and when one becomes available.

The ward areas are under the supervision of the Nurse Unit Manager during weekdays and a Hospital Co-ordinator (senior registered nurse manager) on evening, night and weekend shifts.

Front Office/Reception

The Front Office/Reception is open during the following hours:

Monday to Saturday 6.45am to 8.30pm
Sunday 9.00am to 8.00pm

Children In Hospital

A parent/Guardian is required to stay with a child during their entire hospital stay. We will provide a fold out bed for one parent to stay overnight with their child. We also encourage parents, where possible, to assist with the washing, dressing, feeding and entertaining of their child as this helps minimise the trauma of being handled by strangers.


A - Z list:

It is strongly recommended that you do not consume food prepared outside the hospital. If you choose to do so the hospital cannot accept responsibility as preparation and transport may not comply with Food Safety Standards. If you choose to accept food prepared elsewhere it must be clearly labelled, dated and refrigerated if not consumed immediately. In all cases it should be consumed within 24hrs of preparation or disposed of.

Should you require anything at anytime, please do not hesitate to call the nursing staff via the nurse call button located in the bedside handset. Our staff will endeavour to answer the call as quickly as possible.

Wifi is available throughout the hospital.

In the interest of your safety, we request that all electrical equipment such as hairdryers or electric shavers be checked by our Maintenance Department prior to use. Do not bring in electrical equipment if it cannot be awarded a nurse check.


During or after your stay you may wish to provide feedback to us about your treatment and care or anything else you observed while staying with us.  While we endeavour to meet a patient's every need, there may be times where they are not satisfied. We believe it is not in the patient's interest or Waverley Private Hospital's for issues to remain unresolved.  We therefore encourage patients to bring any matters of concern to our attention as quickly as possible.

Please speak to the Nurse in charge or contact the Patient Complaints Officer on 9881 7772. Any after hours concerns can be addressed by our Hospital Coordinator who can be contacted on 9881 7683.

Please complete a "Patient Feedback" card/form and leave it with reception for further contact.  Your comments assist us in our efforts to evaluate and constantly improve our services.

Flowers and mail are delivered directly to your room. If you have mail to post please contact the Ward Clerk and this will be arranged for you.

All staff wear name badges as a means of identification and internal security. The badges show the staff member's name, photo and position.

Waverley Private Hospital organise external interpreter services if required. Please ask your Nurse Unit Manager if you require these services.

Mums Massage

During your stay, Deidre Browning a fully qualified Remedial Massage Therapist is available to provide you with an in room massage.

Not only are massages relaxing they can play an important role in your post pregnancy health and wellbeing. A massage can assist in releasing hormones to help lactation or just simply provide you with some relaxing ‘me’ time before you head home.

Baby Massage Classes

In addition, Deidre also offers baby massage classes in our midwifery education lounge. These classes are a wonderful way for parents to learn how to develop a strong and loving bond with their new baby through the power of touch.

You will learn a general relaxation massage routine as well as a more specific routine for wind, colic and constipation. This class will give you and your partner confidence and tools to aide in your baby’s growth.

For any enquiries please talk to our midwifery staff.

Our Catering Department provide a la carte dining to all patients for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our menu is changed daily, allows patients to select from a wide variety of delicious and healthy meals, caters for all dietary requirements and also offers patients more flexibility around meal delivery times.

When you are admitted please ask our staff if mobiles can be used in your room. Mobiles may be used in all public areas including the coffee shop. Waverley Private Hospital does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to your mobile phone.

Copies of the daily metro newspapers can be purchased from Hudsons Cafe.

One of the most disturbing factors to a sick person in hospital is noise. We appreciate your consideration by keeping the volume to a minimum when watching television or listening to the radio, and by ensuring your visitors keep noise to a minimum.

Access to the hospital carpark is via the Blackburn Road entrance (Melway Ref Map 70 J3).

There is a 15 minute Drop off and Pick up Parking zone near to the hospital main entrance and disabled parking is also provided.

The following Parking Fees apply for visitors electing to park onsite at the hospital:

Card or Coin only (no change given)

Payment is valid from 6 am – 8pm – 7 days

Parking Rates
0-1 Hr $2.50
1-2 Hrs $5.00
2-3 Hrs $10.00
3-4 Hrs $15.00
+4 Hrs $25.00
Please enter your car registration and make payment at the automated pay station located at the main entrance to the hospital.

Additional free parking is available around the hospital (parking restrictions may apply).

Reception is able to book a taxi if required and a telephone is located in the main foyer for your convenience.

A bus stop is conveniently located just outside the main entrance on Blackburn Road.

Syndal Railway Station is a 15 minute walk from the hospital.

Waverley Private Hospital is a non denominational hospital and cares for all patients irrespective of religion or nationality.

Ministers and Priests from local churches can be requested to visit, please speak to the Nurse Unit Manager to arrange.

A patient record will be kept of your illness and treatment. This will be confidential and access being limited only to the healthcare professionals directly involved in your treatment. Your patient record will remain in the property of the hospital. You may review your patient record, however this needs to be requested in writing to the Privacy Officer.

If you have any concerns or queries about your care whilst you are a patient at Waverley Private Hospital please bring them to our attention. The nurse in charge of your Ward will be able to answer questions and resolve problems related to your hospital care.

Smoking is not permitted within the hospital or within 20 metres of the hospital entrance.

You can make and receive free local calls from the telephone by your bed. Please note that STD calls are subject to peak rates, and not residential discounted rates. You will be charged for any long distance or calls to mobiles on discharge. Alternatively, a public telephone is located in the main Hospital Reception area for your convenience.

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Your Stay


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