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Labour and Delivery

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In Labour

If you think you are in labour, call our maternity unit on (03) 9881 7760. Please ensure you always ring and let us know when you are coming into hospital.

It can be difficult to tell when labour has started. If you are unsure, you can telephone our maternity unit at any time. If there are strong signs of labour, such as your waters breaking, regular contractions or blood loss you should contact us immediately.

The midwife will ask you about how and where you feel your contractions, how often the contractions come and how long they last. This will help the midwife to know how far your labour has progressed.

Depending on what is happening, the midwife may reassure you that it is okay to stay at home or she may ask you to come into hospital so that you and your baby can be checked.

Please ensure you always ring and let us know when you are coming to Hospital.

If you are booked for an elective caesarean section, please present to Maternity Reception for admission

You will be contacted prior to admission to confirm the time and to answer any questions you may have.

Whether you come into hospital in labour or are booked for an elective caesarean section, the care and comfort of you and your baby will always be our focus. Our experienced midwives, doctors and clerical staff work together to form a reassuring support system for you during labour, surgery and delivery.

The following guide has been designed to help maximise your comfort during labour and your hospital stay.

To assist us to provide optimum care of your baby during labour and birth it is important that your baby's heart rate is monitored. Depending on the situation there are different ways that this can be done:

  • Using a small portable ultrasound (doppler)
  • Using a machine called a CTG (cardiotocograph). The baby's heart rate and your contractions are monitored electronically
  • An electrode can be placed directly on the baby's head to record the heart rate( this is only used occasionally when it is difficult to record the heart rate using the two methods outlined above)

At all Ramsay Health Care maternity facilities a CTG is performed on admission. The CTG is repeated intermittently throughout your labour unless there are indications for continual CTG monitoring.
Please note: If you have any questions in relation to this practice contact your obstetrician or the maternity unit manager.

Some people choose to have a birth plan. They see it as an opportunity to write down any thoughts or wishes they have about their labour and /or stay in hospital.

It is very important that you discuss your plan with your obstetrician and midwifery staff. This will give us an opportunity to let you know what we have available to meet your wishes and what is safe and practical according to your individual circumstances.

You will need to be flexible and be prepared to do things differently if complications arise for you or your baby. Childbirth is not always "normal" and intervention may be required under certain circumstances.

If intervention is required your obstetrician/midwife will explain why the intervention is necessary and the associated risks and benefits of the intervention.

If you have any questions in relation to this information please do not hesitate to contact your obstetrician or our maternity unit.

The following details the Ramsay Health Care policy on Support Persons in the Birth Suite is provided for your information.

Policy Statement
Ramsay Health Care respects the rights of clients giving birth at its facilities to have a support person/s of their choosing.

The role of the support person, including off duty hospital staff, are not, and will not be permitted to become involved in the clinical management or conduct of the labour/birth.

A midwife in private practice accompanying a woman in labour is deemed to be a support person and will not be permitted to become involved in the clinical management or conduct of the labour birth.

Outcome statement
Women giving birth at Ramsay Health Care facilities receive support which meets their emotional and psychological needs during labour and birth.


Support person/s who fail to adhere to this policy will be asked to leave the birth suite and, if necessary, be removed from hospital premises.

If the duty person who is acting in a support role is requested by the management to commence paid duties following mutual agreement, the staff member will be required to comply with his/her contract of employment.

The numbers of support persons present in the birth suite will be at the discretion of the midwifery team and treating medical practitioner, taking into account the patient’s clinical condition, safety, privacy and choice.

Thank you for your attention to this information.

In labour