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The Program

The Early Parenting Centre inpatient program is an intensive 5-night program delivered at Waverley Private Hospital. During your stay, nursing staff are available to review your progress and provide support throughout the program, offering compassionate, hands-on help as required.

On arrival you and your infant will be admitted to the Early Parenting Centre under the care of an experienced General Practitioner or Paediatrician who will be available throughout your stay. In addition, Psychologists and Paediatricians are available on a consultancy basis if required.

Key components of the residential program include:

Individualised program - Our team will work with you to establish an individualised program, including an age appropriate routine, for daily care for your infant. We are flexible, recognising that your program will need review and you and your partner/carer will have ongoing support from our team.


For further information, please contact the Early Parenting Centre on (03) 9881 9516 or download our information booklet by completing the enquiry form here.

The Program