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Baby Safe Program

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Baby Safe Program

By Dr Rosemarie Boland

Baby Safe Program

Taking your newborn baby home is an incredibly exciting time, but many parents feel daunted by the responsibility that comes with caring for a baby.

We developed the Baby Safe Program to provide parents and grandparents with the latest evidence-based guidance on safe sleeping, recognising signs of serious illness in young babies, knowing when and where to seek professional help and how to provide essential first aid in an emergency in the first year of your baby’s life.

The Baby Safe Program has been designed to cover the essentials of baby safety, without being too overwhelming or too technical.

All programs are run by Dr Rosemarie Boland, Director of Precious Care Australia.

Baby Safe Program: Overview

The Baby Safe Program comprises three modules (classes). Each module can be attended face-to-face in a small group class, or online in a virtual class, or via self-directed e-learning. The three modules are:

  1. Safe Sleeping to reduce the risk of Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI), including SIDS
  2. Recognising and responding to an unwell baby
  3. Baby Basic Life Support

You can attend all three, or any combination of the three modules. There is also the option to purchase the Baby Safe Program Video Series and e-learning modules.

We also have classes and e-learning modules especially designed for parents whose babies are currently in the Special Care Nursery.

Baby Safe Program: Class Formats

We offer a range of classes and options including:

Baby Safe Deluxe Package

The Baby Safe Deluxe Package includes all three modules (face-to-face in small groups), one-year unlimited access to our video series and a range of baby safety resources. You save 30% by purchasing the package, instead of individual modules.

The Baby Safe Deluxe Package includes:

  1. Safe Sleeping – Small group, face-to-face class
  2. Recognising and responding to an unwell baby- Small group, face-to-face class
  3. Baby Basic Life Support- Small group, face-to-face class
  4. Baby Safe Program Safe Sleeping & Baby Basic Life Support Video Series
  5. Baby Basic Life Support fridge magnets
  6. Baby Safety Resource pack

For more details and to book, click here.

Baby Safe Program Online: Virtual Classes

For those parents who prefer to attend a virtual class, we also offer all three modules of the Baby Safe Program in a virtual format (via zoom).

For more details and to book, click here.

Baby Safe Program

Who should attend a Baby Safe Program?

Our programs are specifically designed for:

  • Expectant parents
  • Parents of babies: newborns to one year
  • Parents with a baby in NICU or SCN preparing for discharge home
  • Grandparents
  • Nannies and babysitters
  • Older siblings (16 years and over)

For more information, please see our website at www.preciouscare.com.au

Contact us:

Dr Rose Boland
Director: Precious Care

Email: enquiries@preciouscare.com.au
Phone: 0413 940 294

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