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Vitreoretinal surgery (vitrectomy) in Melbourne’s East

Waverley Private Hospital has invested in the gold standard vitrectomy technology. This addition to our service mix is a welcome addition for people in Melbourne’s East who will no longer need to travel into the city for treatment. 

What is vitreoretinal surgery?

Vitreoretinal surgery (or vitrectomy) refers to a surgery that is performed deep inside the eye using lasers or advanced surgical instruments.

What happens in the surgery?

This procedure involves the removal of the gel-like fluid (vitreous) inside your eyes which is pulling on the retina with the use of specially designed instruments. 

The retinal specialists at Waverley Private Hospital conduct vitrectomies using the latest medical systems which enable heightened control, stability and efficiency, ensuring they can deliver surgical excellence. The addition of this technology ensures patients in Eastern Melbourne can have their surgery locally, rather than having to travel to the city. 

The procedure is performed under a local or general anaesthetic. You may need to stay overnight in hospital.


What conditions does vitreoretinal surgery treat?

Vitreoretinal surgery (or vitrectomy) can be used as part of your treatment for a retinal tear, retinal detachment, vitreous haemorrhage, a macular hole, epiretinal membrane, diabetic retinopathy, eye infections or eye trauma. 

What specialist performs vitreoretinal surgery?

The specialists who perform vitreoretinal surgery are specially trained ophthalmic surgeons, who have gone on to complete additional training in retinal surgery. They are known as retinal specialists.  

Please request a referral to a Waverley Private Hospital surgeon to discuss your treatment options.