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Cancer Care at Waverley Private Hospital 

Treatments in South-East Melbourne

Waverley Private’s Day Oncology and Infusion Centre facility is designed to provide comprehensive cancer care in a bright and relaxed environment. Our day centre provides treatment and chemotherapy for patients with cancer. Inpatient chemotherapy is also a vital part of the Waverley Private Hospital service. In addition, the centre offers treatment for non-malignant needs, including blood, iron and other infusion therapies. The Centre is purpose designed, offering bright and spacious modern treatment areas. Bathed in natural light and featuring spacious yet discrete treatment bays, integrated décor, comfortable electric treatment chairs and access to wireless Internet.

Our multi-disciplinary team approach to patients requiring Oncology services means each patient is provided with the best of care, including a comprehensive treatment program tailored to your individual needs. Chemotherapy treatments and infusions are administered by our highly-skilled, experienced nursing team working closely with your doctor. For breast patients, accredited Breast Care nurses are on hand to assist.

Our Private Day Oncology and Infusion Centre is also where you will find comprehensive cancer support services. The Look Good Feel Better Education Program is conducted on site and our onsite pharmacy provides medication counselling and advice.

The Specialist Doctors at Waverley Private are able to treat the following:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Colorectal Cancers
  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Gynaecological Cancers
  • Kidney Cancer
  • Liver Cancer
  • Lung Cancer
  • Lymphoma
  • Other Haematological malignancies
  • Specialist drug infusions
  • Blood transfusions
  • Iron infusions (Ferrum and Ferrinject)

Treatments offered at Waverley Private

Our Team: A personalised, team approach

Team members include:

  • Nurses – experienced oncology, and accredited Breast Care nurses as well as our friendly Administration staff
  • Specialist Doctors
  • Pharmacists

The time you will need to spend receiving treatment at the Private Oncology and Day Infusion Centre will be dependant on the type of infusion you will be receiving.

Please follow the instructions of your doctor carefully prior to your treatment.

A family member or carer is very welcome to accompany and support you during treatment.

A nurse will contact you to guide you through information and education regarding the chemotherapy treatment you will be receiving, possible side effects and how to manage them.

If you have any concerns or issues upon your return home from treatment, contact your doctor or our Hospital Coordinator on 9881 7683.

For bookings, please contact the booking Coordinator on 03 9881 7779 between 9:00am - 5:00pm, Monday to Friday, or email theatrebookings.wvp@ramsayhealth.com.au.

Day Infusion Unit

The Day Infusion Service specialises in the care and support of patients receiving day medical therapy (usually by IV infusion), often used for the treatment or management of chronic illness.

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