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Parent First
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Parent First Aid Courses

Enrol in a paediatric first aid course to learn the essential skills to help your infant in an emergency.

All courses are conducted by experienced paramedics and paediatric nurses from Child Revive First Aid, and the course content is specifically designed for expectant parents and parents of infants and small children.

To continue teaching for Waverley Private Hospital parents and carers, Child Revive has moved their paediatric first aid courses to an online platform (live video courses via Zoom). Please visit www.childrevive.com.au to see the course options.

Course bookings are made directly with Child Revive First Aid. Please go to www.childrevive.com.au/courses-vic.html. Enter code word 'waverley' for a 10% discount off live video course tickets.

For any enquiries, including to be notified when face-to-face courses resume, please contact Child Revive via email jo@childrevive.com.au or telephone 1300 797 667.

Child Revive First Aid