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Waverley Private Hospital specialist Myran Ponnam-palam

Dr Myran Ponnam-palam


Myran has a kind hearted, approachable manner, he aims to make you feel like you’re sitting across from a trusted friend that you can talk to about your fertility issues.

Myran is a Fertility Specialist with broad-ranging clinical experience in male and female infertility issues, gained in both Australia and the US. He completed his Sub-specialist training in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility in Sydney and Melbourne.  He first commenced research in the field of Reproductive Science over 20 years ago.

Having grown up in Traralgon, Victoria, Myran commenced undergraduate studies at Monash University, and completed postgraduate studies at the University of Sydney.  He completed a thesis examining the role of progesterone and anti-progestins in modifying reproductive tract receptivity. He also holds a Masters in Medicine from the University of Sydney, in Reproductive Science.

Myran further developed his reproductive surgical skills at the New York Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University.  He is a member of The American Society of Reproductive Surgeons.

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College and The Asia Oceania Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecology awarded Myran the Young Gynaecologist Award for his work examining the use of AMH in IVF.  He also received a Merck Serono award for his presentation on Pelvic complications with IVF.

Myran has now returned to Melbourne as a Fertility Specialist with Melbourne IVF.  With support from the Melbourne IVF team, Myran provides a compassionate and thorough approach in all aspects of male and female fertility care.

Reproductive Endocrinology; Male Infertility; Gynaecology; Laparoscopic Surgery; Microsurgery;