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Waverley Private Hospital specialist Stephen Tudge

Mr Stephen Tudge


Stephen has particular expertise in the management of head and neck tumours, paediatric ENT and sinusitis.

Mr Stephen Tudge is an ENT, Head and Neck surgeon trained in the diagnosis and treatment, including surgery, of conditions of the ear, nose and throat in adults and children.

Paediatric conditions such as recurrent otitis media, tonsillitis and sleep disordered breathing are treated in children of all ages; Nasal problems, including blockage of the nose and recurrent sinusitis are assessed and treated; Throat and neck conditions, including parotid, thyroid and neck tumours, voice problems, swallowing problems are investigated and treated; Ear conditions such as ear canal and middle ear infections, hearing loss, exostoses, tympanic membrane perforation are assessed and managed. Flexible laryngoscopy