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Waverley Private Hospital Launches Comprehensive Hip Arthroscopy Service

Oct 04, 2012

Waverley Private Hospital has recently commenced a comprehensive hip arthroscopy service, offering patients minimally invasive treatment for hip problems that were previously difficult to access, diagnose and treat.

"The hip joint is deep inside the body and is difficult to access," says Waverley Private Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Camdon Fary, one of a small number of specialist orthopaedic surgeons in Melbourne who perform hip arthroscopies. "Often people have hip pain which is unrecognised by traditional diagnostic tests, and may be left untreated until recognisable and irreversible damage has occurred. Until recently, most procedures on the hip joint involved open surgical dislocation of the joint with a significant hospital stay and rehabilitation. The advances in minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques has lead to early treatment of young active patients and those with sporting careers ahead of them. Treating some hip problems early using arthroscopy may help delay the need for surgery which would be required sooner if left untreated".

During the procedure surgeons use minimally invasive tools and techniques to examine the hip and to correct problems through small incisions rather than through more invasive surgery. The procedure itself involves a small number of incisions being made. A miniature high definition camera is then inserted into one portal and other portals are used as required for instruments. Advances in instrument technology and techniques have improved access to the joint and enabled greater scope of treatment.

Jill Gleeson, CEO of Waverley Private Hospital says that offering hip arthroscopic surgery is in keeping with the commitment by the hospital to further enhance orthopaedic services available to the local community. "Waverley Private is delighted to welcome Camdon, and accessing the latest medical equipment for hip arthroscopy means that more of our patients can receive the benefits of state of the art orthopaedic treatment, closer to home."

Waverley Private Hospital has proudly serviced the Eastern and South Eastern suburbs community of Melbourne since 1972 and provides diagnosis and treatment for a full range of orthopaedic disorders including those affecting the upper limb, lower limb and foot and ankle.

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