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Federal Health Minister tours Waverley Private Hospital

Aug 29, 2019

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has spoken about a new focus on mental health care, for young patients during a visit to Waverley Private Hospital.

Mr Hunt toured the hospital and met five patients who were undergoing treatment in the oncology ward. They also visited staff and patients in the surgical, maternity and parenting wards.

Minister Hunt said it was “a pleasure to meet the dedicated staff (and a couple of young patients) at Waverley Private Hospital.”

“Thank you to the nurses and doctors who support patients, including the mothers, fathers and babies we met.”

Mr Hunt told staff about the new Children’s Mental Health Strategy, which is being established by the Federal Government to help tackle mental health issues in children up to 12 years old.

Staff were also given the opportunity to ask the minister questions about private health care and private health insurance.

Waverley Private Hospital CEO Lisa McFadden said: “It was a privilege to have the Minister visit the hospital; our staff appreciated the time with him and the opportunity to talk with him about health issues.”

Mrs McFadden hosted the visit in conjunction with Director of Clinical Services Sue Pottenger, breast and thyroid surgeon Mr Michael Cheng, and IVF and fertility specialist Dr Haider Najjar.

Federal Health Minister tours Waverley Private Hospital