Waverley Private Hospital
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Mother Baby Unit - Melbourne

Our Mother Baby Unit is a brand new unit situated within the hospital’s main building which backs onto the picturesque Scotchmans Creek. Our unit offers 6 luxurious private suites and an evidence based, 4 night residential program, for parents who are experiencing challenges with their infants 6 weeks to 24 months of age including:

  • Feeding difficulties
  • Infant sleeping problems
  • Unsettled/Irritable infants
  • Reflux and colic
  • Maternal exhaustion
  • Adjusting to parenthood

Our Mother Baby Unit is designed to give parents support to address all of the challenges surrounding adjustment to parenthood.

We are located in Melbourne’s South Eastern Suburbs and happily accommodate parents from any Melbourne suburb and all parts of Victoria and interstate.

Our experienced team provides personalised, family centred care tailored to the individual needs of each family and includes:

  • Nurses with qualifications in Midwifery, Mental Health and Counselling
  • Lactation consultants
  • Mother Craft Nurses
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Paediatricians

Please contact the Mother Baby Unit during business hours on:

Phone: 03 9881 9516
Email: motherbabyunit.wvp@ramsayhealth.com.au

On arrival we will admit you and your infant to the unit under the care of an experienced General Practitioner who will be available throughout your stay. In addition Psychologists and Paediatricians are available if required on a consultancy basis.

Our team will work with you to establish an individualised program, including an age appropriate routine, for daily care for your infant. We are flexible, recognising that your program will need review and you and your partner/carer will have ongoing support from our team.

During your stay there will be regular group sessions in which all mothers are expected to participate. These group programs will focus on infant development, parenthood, sleep and settling and will provide you with plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

The importance of the family unit is recognised by the provision of a Partner/Carer Support program. Partners and carers for your infant are encouraged to attend this Group. Our team will provide you with information about this program on your admission.

Our program is a residential 5 day, 4 night program. The admission days are variable.

There is an expectation you will stay the full 4 nights, unless you or your infant become unwell.

A Medical Practitioner is required to complete: the Mother Baby Unit Medical Referral

You are required to complete: the Mother Baby Unit Pre-Admission Assessment and Edinburgh Post natal Depression Scale and e-mail all 3 forms to:



You can contact us directly during business hours to discuss the program and your suitability.

Within 2 working days of receiving the completed: Mother Baby Unit Medical Referral, the Mother Baby Pre-Admission Assessment, and the Edinburgh Scale a staff member from our unit will contact you to discuss the program and give you an estimated admission date.

Two weeks prior to admission we will contact you again to confirm your admission date, admission time and answer any further questions.

  • Check with your private health insurance to ensure you are covered under your policy
  • Discuss with your partner and support people their involvement in the program
  • Keep in touch with your General Practitioner and Maternal Child Health Nurse
  • Whilst waiting utilise friends and relatives support if available

Medicare Card

Child Health Record (GREEN BOOK)

For Parent

  • Casual, comfortable Day Clothes and sensible footwear
  • Night attire
  • Own pillow if preferred
  • Toiletries (Include sun lotion in warmer months)
  • Current medications
  • Tissues
  • Leisure materials (e.g. Craftwork, book, writing pad, pens etc.)
  • Small amount of money for papers and Hudson’s Café
  • Laptop, iPad, iPhone, iPod etc
  • CD’s for infant

For Infant

  • Clothing – enough for duration of stay
  • Toiletries, baby lotion nappy rash cream etc
  • Stroller/Pram
  • Favourite toys, play blanket
  • Wraps, bibs
  • Current medications
  • Bottles, bottle brush, teats, formula and infant cup (if required)
  • Disposable nappies/wipes/nappy bags
  • You may like to bring your own cot sheets

NOTE: Laundry facilities not provided

Waverley Private Hospital will provide

  • Towels, linen
  • Steam steriliser

We recommend you leave valuable personal items at home, including money and jewellery as we cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage of any item brought into the hospital.

Our staff will contact you two weeks after your discharge to check on your progress and to offer support and guidance. It is recommended you visit your General Practitioner and Maternal Child Health Nurse for further advice appropriate to your infants age.

Frequently asked questions

A: You can call your health fund and find out if you have any out of pocket costs for a 4 night stay. Let them know that it is a medical stay with no item number. Alternatively the hospital will do a fund check for you once you have been given a tentative date to come in.
A: No. We support your partner or other support person to spend time in the unit and to attend the partner/carer group sessions as it will assist the family unit to work together to understand the strategies and management of your infant.

A: If you or any members of your family are currently suffering from these symptoms, we request that you do not come into the unit.

At any time during your stay if you or your infant become physically unwell it is likely that you will be required to be discharged from the unit and return when you are well and a bed is available.

A: Settling strategies can differ for each infant taking into consideration their age, habits, physical and emotional histories. We use age appropriate routines and individualise to meet infant/parent situation.

A: Your partner or other support person are strongly encouraged to spend time in the unit in order for them to also understand strategies and management of your infant.

Partners are welcome at any reasonable time, we suggest short visits for siblings, and afternoons are usually an ideal time for quick visits. We discourage other visitors from coming into the unit.

A: Free parking is available onsite in our visitor carpark, access via the Blackburn Road entrance to the hospital (Melway Ref Map 70 J3). If you are unable to find a car park onsite, there is additional parking available around the hospital (parking restrictions may apply).  You can bring your car on site later in the day when parking becomes available.

A: The unit follows SIDS recommendations on the safe use of sleeping bags. The unit does not sleep infants under the age of 4 months in a sleeping bag.

If you do plan to sleep your infant in a sleeping bag whilst in the unit please ensure that you have bodysuits with no legs (they can have long-sleeve arms), and that you have a light weight sleeping bag.

A: Yes. Please inform the staff prior to your admission so that the kitchen can be aware of your specific dietary requirements on arrival. If you are on a restricted diet it may be an idea to bring in some of your favourite snacks. Also your preferred milk if not soy or cow’s milk.

A: We encourage all families to go out for a regular walk (weather permitting). If you have an appointment that you don’t want to cancel whilst you are attending the program please discuss this with the staff prior to admission.

If you need to leave the hospital at any time during your stay it is your responsibility to arrange another adult (friend/family/partner) to care for the baby in the unit whilst you are gone, or to take the baby with you.

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